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Rather than sleeping on a 77,000-year-old mattress, get a new one!


Are you tired of sleeping on a mattress that feels like it comes from the Stone Age? Rather than sleeping on a 77,000-year-old mattress, get a new one from We can guarantee that if you spend just one night on our memory foam mattress you will wake up feeling like a new man.

Recently, scientists and archaeologists discovered sleeping mats used by early humans in South Africa dating back to about 77,000 years ago. These mats were made out of hard layers of plants and had to be burned regularly to kill all the creepy crawlies living between the sheets – sound familiar?

At Campus Sleep we know that what you sleep on is the least of your worries when you have finals to cram for or “the party of the year” to go to…every weekend. But your mattress is a lot more important than you think. Getting a good night’s sleep will mean that your body and mind are well rested and ready for a day of hard work. You will perform better physically and mentally, which is something we could all benefit from especially after a heavy night of studying (or, more likely, drinking).

“But I live on a student budget!” – we have all been down that road, living off Ramen noodles and barely enough time or money to have new sheets on your ancient mattress. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too with a memory foam mattress from Campus Sleep. Our mattresses are superior quality memory foam and they are affordable – even for the average student!

So getting back to the prehistoric mattresses and why you should care:

  1. Being an intelligent, knowledge seeking academic mind – this is some interesting stuff. Read more at
  2. We are living examples of Darwin’s revolutionary evolutionary theories – we have developed our minds and bodies and the technology around us so that we understand our world and bodies better. This means that we are able to develop mattresses that are more comfortable and better for your health than what our ancient ancestors had to survive. Campus Sleep memory foam mattresses won’t break your back or your bank. It would be dumb to not make use of our advances in technology and our great prices – something worthy of winning a Darwin Award.

The last thing we at Campus Sleep have to say on the subject is that we can guarantee that our mattresses are more comfortable than any other mattress around – whether it be an actual 77,000-year-old mattress or just one that feels as if it is that old. Give us a try and you will never look back again.

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