Campus Sleep

Meet The Team

We are four recent college graduates who understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Like many college students and young adults, we enjoy working hard, partying hard, and sleeping even harder. With those core tenets in mind, we decided to establish Campus Sleep, in order to provide you with top quality bedding solutions at affordable prices. So come sleep with us, because a good night’s rest is the key to a more vibrant and adventurous day.

The Team


Russell is a driver and a dreamer whose unrelenting passion for the Miami Dolphins and Florida Panthers, has resulted in years of misery and dismay. A graduate of Syracuse University, Russell captained the Men’s Ice Hockey team (Go Orange!) while also co-founding a few start-ups during his college experience. He loves watching a good chick flick before snoozing off into his 8 hours of rest.


Mitch is an early-riser who appreciates the subtleties of life (and memory foam mattresses). Give him a stack of banana chocolate-chip pancakes and a mug of coffee, and he’ll be at your behest all day (and night). Mitch is a Duke Blue Devil; he famously said “Yo” to Kyrie Irving at a bar one evening freshman year.


Luis is an optimist simply because he has yet to find a good reason to be upset. During his time at Harvard he dabbled with the lightweight crew team and worked several years with the Harvard College Consulting Group, where he developed some kick-ass strategies that his clients rarely implemented. He is a fervent believer in an individual’s right to chill.


Dan is an idea man who loves to think three steps ahead although that mentality has yet to improve his chess game. He was captain of the Boston College lacrosse team (Go Eagles) and his entrepreneurial foundation has been built upon the odd jobs company he founded whose tag line was “Tall, Dark, and Hands-On.”