Campus Sleep


“Pillows are orgasmic, fell asleep with ease and it makes it so much harder to get out of bed. I have been searching for pillows for a very long time and these one are the best.”

“I used to have bad neck pain from my body pillow, well I no longer have that issue. Soon as I lie down I start to doze off also I sleep nearly 8hrs each night. BEST PILLOW EVER!!!”

“The pillows are great, they do not get flat , my neck hurts much less. Best Pillow I ever had”

“I bought a topper mattress for my bed which has a very firm mattress to begin with. The memory foam is really comfortable and saved me having to buy a full softer mattress. The topper was at a great price and I really feel I got a bargain. It’s super high quality and exceeds my expectations”

“This is the first review I’ve ever posted, just wanted to say that this product WAS WHAT MY LIFE HAS BEEN MISSING. The only problem is that I now never want to leave my bed!!! if you’re thinking about buying, this is the best investment you could make!”

“AMAZING! Best sleep I’ve ever gotten. I used to think my mattress was plenty comfortable and I didn’t need anything more but this is a whole new world of comfort.”

“We recently got a very firm mattress from IKEA. It provided the support we wanted but we lost that snugly feeling you get from pillow top mattresses. So, we ordered this topper to see if it would give us the squishy feeling while retaining the firmness of our new mattress. It did exactly that! We happily rolled it out the first night and slept like babies. We really like the mattress topper and highly recommend one for anyone wanting a more comfortable sleep.”

“Foam mattress removed pain from sleeping on an innerspring mattress. The company was approachable & communicated very well. I feel like we made an investment!”

“This was an amazing deal. I thought it was too good to be true but it is exactly as promised a great deal!”

“This is an amazing mattress. A couple of nights ago, I went to bed sore and tired, I had over done it, yet again. I stretched a bit and went to bed. When I awakened, I had not an ache or pain. Usually, I’m still a bit sore. This mattress must make it possible for one’s body to realign itself. I’m impressed. It is fun watching it and listening to it uncompress. It sort of comes alive in front of your very eyes. Aside from how hard it is to maneuver, its been a great experience.”

“This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I used to have so many problems associated with sleeping, and now they are a distant memory.”

“The bed is incredible. We had been shopping for a new bed for several months. I decided to try this brand simply because of the great reviews. I now have a high quality bed now at an affordable price. Thank you! The quality is equal or better than other expensive brands that we tried.”